Certification in Education (Special Needs)

The Bachelor of Special Needs Education (Honours) programme is designed especially for students who are interested in working with children with special needs. The programme equips its graduates with the knowledge, competencies and attitudes that will enable them to work effectively in this field. A key feature of the programme is the acquisition of skills and competencies in practical contexts. Students are provided with 640 hours of practical work experience in real world environments where they work with special needs children as well as stakeholders and providers of Special Needs Education


  • Educators in early childhood settings
  • Educators in special needs schools
  • Educator of special needs in the mainstream
  • Developers of individualized education plans
  • Various positions in related government agencies
  • Operators of special needs facilities

Programme Structure

  • Expertise in evidence-based practices for working with young children at risk of / with disabilities, and their families.
  • Skills for supporting and collaborating with families of children with special needs.
  • Effective strategies for providing instruction to young children with disabilities.
  • The skills of early intervention involving early identification of developmental delays and providing prompt interventions so that special needs issues among children are addressed before they become ingrained problems.
  • Organisational and managerial competencies that will enable them to work in governmental organisations and NGOs that provide services for special needs children and their families.

Pathway to Bachelors in Special Education (HONS)

PLAPLearning Disorders Management & Child Psychology

Duration: 6 months (Part Time)2 x week/2.5hrs each


PLAPAdvanced in Special Education

Duration:13 months*(Part time)2 x week/3hrs eachPLAP +CAE


*possible to completed in 9 months T&C applies


Bachelors in Special Education (Hons)

  • Credit Transfer 10 modules
  • Portfolio –practicum(16wks exemption)
  • Part-Time weekend classes
  • MQA program

Course Credits

No. of Subject
Credits Hours
Compulsory courses (UNI &MPU)

5 MPU subjects
5 UNI Subjects

Total –24  credit

BSNE courses
Minor –7 subjects Major –13 subjects Elective core -5 subjects
Elective open /free -2 subjects 
Practicum –1

21 credit 
44 credit 
18 credit 
7 credit 
8 credit 
Total –98 credit

122 Credit

Payment Details

Basic Fees

RM2,300 + RM1,600 + RM1,600 = RM 5,500

Teaching Fees

RM2,500 + RM2,500 + RM2,500 = RM 7,500

Total (RM)

RM13,000 (inclusive insurance = RM 1,500)

  • Billed yearly
  • 1st payment to be made before the 1st semester starts
Tuition Fees


Total = 122 credits

Total Fees*


Less : Exemption PLAP/CAE (38 credits)


Fees paid by CAE/PLAP students


Average = RM 1011 / month (inclusive insurance) = RM 969 / month (without insurance)

Payment To Be Made To



Basic Fees : Application, Registration, Security Deposit, Welfare, Library, Exam, ICTPracticum (3 months) 

Special exemption for CAE/PLAP students : Practicum Portfolio

This means you can continue working and don’t have to take leave 3 months to do the practical

Average = RM 1011 / month (inclusive insurance) = RM 969 / month (without insurance) 

As per the current fees structure of QIU

Next Intake
April 2023
*Tuition Fees will be billed every semester based on the actual credits registered

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