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AN INTEGRATIVE APPROACH TO PLAY THERAPY - Children and their environment

The Postgraduate Certificate In Therapeutic Play Skills course material for the Diploma builds upon the theory and practice of humanistic psychology, particularly that of Virginia Axline (Dibs In Search of Self) and Carl Rogers and gestalt play therapy developed by Violet Oaklander. It recognizes contributions made by others in the early 1900s, such as John Bowlby, Margaret Lowenfeld, Donald Winnicott, Rachel Pinney etc. It extends to a deeper understanding of the unconscious processes in relation to the child’s development based upon Freud, Jung, Graff, Fairburn Hillman, Moore and Jacobson. It also places importance on the spiritual aspect of human development. Opportunities for many forms of creativity will enrich the contents of the course. You will be exploring ways of integrating the child as the center of a social system, which includes schools, families, and team of support. The main items in the Play Therapy Tool-Kit covered in the Certificate in Therapeutic Play Skills are re-visited at a greater level of competence and converted into skills to be used with therapeutic groups. You will also learn how to deal with more difficult problems and using the PDM as an assessment tool.

  • Awarded by the Academy of Play and Child Psychotherapy, UK, (APAC), allows students to further explore ways of integrating the child as the centre of a social system, which includes schools, families and a team of support.
  • The programme also includes a 100-hour of practicum which leads to an International Certification as a Therapist.


The overall purpose is to enable participants to practice safely and effectively using therapeutic play skills in a variety of settings to provide emotional support to individual children for slight to moderate problems. Upon successful completion of the course each participant will have gained:
• A sound understanding of the principles underlying play therapy and the appropriate use of techniques.
• An ability to assess children's needs and set up a play therapy services unit.
• An ability to make decisions taking into account the ethical issues concerning all parties involved.
• Increased confidence in using play therapy with children and adolescents and communications with referrers, parents and guardians.
• The counselling, therapeutic and practical skills to carry out effective play therapy with all children.
• Awareness of your own process and development.
• A comprehensive theoretical knowledge of child development and child psychology.
• The ability to use a full play therapy tool-kit comprehensively.
• An understanding of play therapy research issues and methods.


As the second phase towards the Masters (MA) in Practise Based Play Therapy, students will have to complete the 15-day programme which consists of 120 contact hours as a pre-requisite for the MA programme.
Graduates of the programme can then proceed to pursue further in the MA in Practice Based Play Therapy while being certified internationally as a Play Therapist.


15 Days

Entry Requirement

Students must have completed Therapeutic Play Skills Programme.
*Other Terms & Conditions Applies - For more information please call us*


Next Commencement Date & Schedule


Contact Hours

15 Days Total

9:00am - 5:00pm (8 Hours)


Block 1: 28th August 2024 - 3rd September 2024

Block 2: 9th November 2024 - 16th November 2024

Supervisor Course Schedule

7 Days Total



Payment Details

Course Fee


Total Payable


Total Payable


Payment Options

Option 1:
Full Payment.
(RM16,200 on 1st Day of Class.)

Option 2:
In-House Installment.

Option 3:
CIMB Credit Card 0% Interest-Free Installment.

Payment To Be Made To



Our Modules

Introduction to Special Education & Psychology of Exceptional Children

• Developing metaphors for group working.
• Introduction to research methods.
• Developing expressive art skills.
• Dance and movement for groups.
• Assessment on special cases, e.g. Autism, Mental/Physical Disability.

Developing Expressive Art Skills and Assessment

• Working with Parents/Teachers
• Further training in Expressive Art Skills
• Assessments through observation using video special cases e.g. adopted, fostered

Developing Theatre Form Skills and Supporting Clients Through Loss

• Therapeutic Story Telling
• Assessment methods on special cases e.g. loss/bereavement, separation

Developing Symbolic Play Skills and Supporting Children who have experienced Trauma

• Advanced Skills, E.g. Sand Play
• Working with Metaphors
• Assessment methods on special cases e.g. physically and sexually abused children

Advanced Development for Play Therapist in Practice

• Profession Play Therapist Development
• Assessment in Special Cases e.g. Working with Terminally Ill or Abuse
• Court Work
• Student Presentation

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